2020 Lodge Officers

Each Lodge officer is elected each year to run and govern the lodge.

Worshipful Master


In ancient times, the word “Worshipful” meant “Respected”. Because one Master Mason was elected by the members to lead them, he was given the title Worshipful Master indicating that he was a respected Master Mason. … The Worshipful Master serves as the chief officer of the Lodge, and presides over all its meetings.

Senior Warden


In Freemasonry, the Senior Warden is the second Officer in the Masonic Blue Lodge. … The Major responsibility of the Senior Warden is to assist the Worshipful Master to open and close the Lodge. The Senior Warden oversees the Lodge if the Worshipful Master is not present.

Junior Warden


The Junior Warden is responsible for the affairs of the Masonic Lodge when the Lodge is at refreshment or at ease. The Junior Warden has to arrange meals for the Lodge. He has two stewards that are his assistants. The Junior Warden ensures that refreshments are in moderation and there is no excess



The Treasurer of a Masonic Lodge is the Chief Financial Officer of the Lodge.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions. He receives all money, pays all debts on behalf of the Lodge.



The Secretary is the backbone of any Masonic Lodge and he holds a position of great responsibility. His duties require him to handle all correspondence to the members, minutes of Lodge meetings, petitions of new candidates, continuous lodge member count, and many other administrative duties. He communicates with other Lodges and the Grand Lodge, types letters, retrieves the mail as well as handles many other details.

Senior Deacon


The Senior Deacon of a Masonic Lodge is an assistant officer of the Lodge. The Senior Deacon’s principle roles are to welcome and escort both visitors and candidates into the lodge and introduce distinguished visitors

Junior Deacon


The Junior Deacon’s principle roles are to assist the Senior Warden by carrying messages from the Senior Warden in the West to the Junior Warden in the South and to guard the inner door of the Lodge

Senior Stewart


The Senior Steward of a Masonic Lodge is an appointed officer of the Lodge. The Senior Steward is tasked to understudy the Junior Deacon’s position and fill in for the Junior Deacon when absent.

Junior Steward


The Junior Steward is tasked to understudy the Senior Steward position and fill in for the Senior Steward in his absence. Their principle role is to assist the Senior Steward and the Senior Deacon in the preparation of the Candidates



The Marshal of a Masonic Lodge is an appointed officer of the Lodge. The Marshal is in some jurisdictions the “Director of Ceremonies”. The Marshal’s duties and principle role is the organization of processions and ensuring the correct precedence and etiquette in formal proceedings.



Masonic lodges may meet in rooms in taverns and other public meeting places, and all Lodges appoint a Tyler to guard the door from the outside against ineligible masons or malicious or curious people, to check the eligibility of latecomers, and to ensure that candidates for ceremonies in the Lodge are properly prepared