Secure Dues Payment

Annual dues can now be paid using your credit card or PayPal. Annual dues for 2024 are $171.00 ($38.00 per capita x 4.5) Click “Buy Now” to be routed to the secure online payment server. If you owe dues for a prior year, please select if from the drop-down menu. If you prefer, we can take your credit card at the Lodge as well. Please see the Secretary. PLEASE NOTE: Effective 11-11-2023, PayPal transactions will include a 3.49%+$.049 handing fee ($6.69) to cover the PayPal costs.  Payments can be made without additional fee by sending money via Zelle to Please include your full name in the Memo field.
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How to become a Perpetual Member

Chandler Thunderbird Lodge #15 By Laws allow for members in good standing to become perpetual members by payment of a one time fee based on age. Perpetual members are exempt from annual dues and per capita. This fee can be paid all at once or on an installment plan. For installment plans, a credit card must be used.
Fee Schedule: The fee is the current dues plus per capita multiplied by a factor based upon your age. When paying by credit or debit card, there is an additional processing fee of 2.75%.
Age 18 years through 35 years
Perpetual cost:  $4275.00 Credit Card cost: $4403.25 12 Monthly Installments $366.94/mo.
Age 36 years through 50 years
Perpetual Cost:    $3420.00 Credit Card Cost: $3522.60 12 Monthly Installments: $293.55/mo.
Age 51 years through 65 years
Perpetual Cost:    $2565.00 Credit Card Cost: $2641.95 12 Monthly Installments: $220.16/mo.
Age 66 and above
Perpetual Cost:    $1710.00 Credit Card Cost: $1761.30 12 Monthly Installments: $146.78/mo.
Full Payment

Member General Donations

If you are a Perpetual Member of Chandler Thunderbird Lodge we deeply appreciate your contribution and celebrate your taking this step. Your investment of time and money helps the lodge move through the year and reach our financial and budget goals.   The per capita amount (cost per active member) required from the Grand Lodge of Arizona is $38.00 and the lodge pays this regardless that your membership is pre-paid or senior life. We have heard that some of our perpetual members would like to make an annual donation even though they no longer have to pay dues. To support that request, we have added the ability to make a donation of any amount you choose with your credit card.If you wish to do so, please click the “Donate” button below and you will be taken to our secure credit card processing website.